Policy: Satisfactory Academic Progress (Academics) (2.9.1)

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Because Minnesota State colleges and universities are publicly supported institutions, each college has an obligation to implement regulations that provide accountability for taxpayers’ investment in education and that monitor acceptable academic progress of students. All students must meet minimum standards for satisfactory academic progress in order to continue enrollment at Rochester Community and Technical College. Students bear primary responsibility for monitoring their own academic progress and for seeking assistance when experiencing academic difficulty.

Part 1. Measure:

  • Minimum RCTC cumulative GPA of 2.0


  • Minimum RCTC cumulative credit completion rate of 67%

Part 2. Implementation:

• All students with registered credits during a term will be evaluated at the end of that term.

• WARNING: Any student who fails to meet the minimum satisfactory academic progress requirements will be placed on warning for one term, effective their next term of enrollment at RCTC.

• SUSPENSION: A student on warning who fails to meet the minimum satisfactory academic progress requirements in their next term of enrollment will be placed on suspension, one calendar year in duration, commencing immediately.

• Under extraordinary circumstances a suspended student may be considered for readmission on a conditional basis. Written appeals, along with a counselor/advisor signed academic plan and supporting documentation, should be submitted to the Registrar for consideration.

• Students may return to the college after an appeal has been approved (on probation) or the period of suspension has passed.

Date of Implementation: Immediate
Date of Adoption: 6/9/97
Revisions Adopted: 6/11/98; 6/3/05; 1/23/07; 3/1/2010; 3/28/11 (REVISIONS MADE BASED ON MNSCU POLICY CHANGES); 2/28/17