Policy: Campus Student Association (2.1)

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(System Policy 2.1)


Part 1. Establishment: The Rochester Community and Technical College Student Senate shall be the officially recognized student government of the College. The Student Senate shall review the constitution and by-laws annually and propose recommendations and changes to the College President.


Part 2. Duties: Rochester Community and Technical College’s Student Senate shall have the exclusive right to recommend the chartering of clubs and organizations for approval by the College.


Part 3. Recognition: Rochester Community and Technical College has developed the Student Senate constitution, which complies with Minnesota State’s guidelines. The student government has been recognized as the official representative of the students by the College President.


Part 4. Appeal: Appeals relative to the chartering, funding, or services to student organizations when such decisions may be in violation of law, are to be submitted in writing to the Director of Student Life. The Director of Student Life and the Vice-President of Student Affairs shall investigate all appeals and make a recommendation to the College President for a final decision.


Date of Implementation: Immediate

Date of Adoption: September 18, 2013

Revisions: 3/1/2018