Policy: Student Excused Absences (2.8.4)

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Rochester Community and Technical College students shall be excused from classes for college approved activities and course field trips. This policy is intended to permit students to participate in broadening learning experiences without jeopardizing their academic standing in courses. Students will not be penalized for participation in a college-approved activity or field trip.

Part 1. Notification: The activity advisor or instructor will submit a list of students to be excused along with the dates and times of absence to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. If approved by the Vice President, the list will be published in the weekly staff communiqué.

Part 2. Student’s Responsibility: It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her instructor(s) at least two academic calendar days prior to the absence to arrange to make up work to be missed. If official postponement of an event occurs and the rescheduling renders the two academic calendar day requirement impossible to meet, instructors will not apply the two academic calendar day rule to the student. In such cases, the student is required to contact his or her instructor prior to the class(es) to be missed. If the student fails to fulfill this responsibility, he/she may lose the opportunity to make-up the work. Instructors may require make up work to be completed prior to the absence.

Part 3. Instructor’s Responsibility: After the student contacts his/her instructor(s), the instructor(s) will attempt to arrange for make-up work or alternative assignments with students so that they are not penalized by his/her approved absence. It must be realized that material missed cannot always be exactly replicated.

Part 4. Jury Duty or Subpoena for Court Appearance: The College encourages a student to accept their civic responsibility if they are called for jury duty. The student who seeks an excused absence for jury duty or court appearance has the responsibility to provide verification of the absence in advance by submitting a copy of the subpoena or official notification of jury duty to their instructor(s). Under these circumstances, the instructor is required to provide an accommodation for the student(s) who miss assignments, presentations, examinations, or other academic work during the excused absence. Even though the student is excused, it is still the student’s responsibility to complete the academic work provided in the accommodation. If the absence becomes excessive to the point of an inability to complete the requirements of the course(s), the student is expected to consult with the instructor to determine other options (i.e. drop, withdrawal, incomplete, etc.).

Date of Implementation: Fall Semester 2008
Date of Adoption: 6/9/97
Revisions Adopted: 7/17/02; 5/13/08
Updated: 3/22/22