Policy: Student Activities and Clubs (2.8.2)

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Part 1. Student Activities:

Subpart 1.   Student Life activities will be implemented by the Student Life Specialist and the Director of Student Life and will be guided by department student learning outcomes. Staff will seek feedback from the Student President when appropriate.

Subpart 2.   All Student Life Activities are funded under the dedicated Student Life fee.


Part 2. Clubs:

Subpart 1.   Any group of students wishing to form a club for any purpose must secure a charter from the Student Senate as specified in the Student Senate constitution and by-laws.

Subpart 2.   Clubs eligible for funding are funded under the dedicated Student Life fee.

Subpart 3. Clubs must follow Policy 7.7 (Fundraising), and secure the appropriate approvals on the Request for Public Support (Fundraising) Form for all on- and off-campus fund raising.

Subpart 4.   Clubs may select their own faculty advisor subject to approval from the faculty member’s Dean.

Subpart 5.   All recognized student organizations must meet the following criteria in order to receive funding from Student Life:

  1. Each club must submit an annual club review using the IPP by the date specified by the Director of Student Life.
  2. Each club shall attend, sponsor, or co-sponsor a campus wide activity or event.
  3. Each club shall attend, sponsor, or co-sponsor a community service activity or event.
  4. All clubs must have an updated copy of their club’s Constitution and By-laws on file with the Student Life office and their Club Advisor.
  5. Clubs that do not meet the above criteria may have its upcoming fiscal year’s budget request denied

Subpart 6. The Student Senate shall consult with the College President before any Student Life club is stated as inactive or shut down.


Each Club Advisor is responsible for ensuring these criteria are met.



Date of Implementation: Immediate

Date of Adoption: August 1, 2013

Revisions: 3/1/18