Policy: Student Identification Card (2.16.4)

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The Rochester Community and Technical College Student ID Card is the official RCTC student ID card. The RCTC Student ID Card program supports the mission and vision of the College by enhancing the overall college experience through access to a variety of services, including but not limited to admission to athletic events, access to the College’s Regional Sport Center, and intramural sports, Bookstore, and Library.


Part 1. Policy:

  • All RCTC students are eligible for a RCTC Student ID Card. A student is defined as an individual who is currently registered for an upcoming term or newly accepted to the College (for new student orientation purposes).
  • The RCTC Student ID cards are issued by and administered through RCTC Campus Safety.
  • A State or government issued photo identification such as Unexpired Driver’s License, passport, and Military ID will be needed to obtain a student ID. (Personally identifiable information collected by the college may be used, at the discretion of the institution, as the basis for identity verification)
  • RCTC students participating in the Concurrent Enrollment program at area high schools will be issued a Concurrent Enrollment Student ID Card. This ID card will be mailed to your high school and will be distributed to you by your instructor. The Concurrent Enrollment Student ID Card will enable remote access to library resources the same as the RCTC Student ID Card.
  • There is no charge for a student’s initial RCTC Student ID Card.
  • The name on the RCTC Student ID Card will reflect the student’s Government ID, unless “preferred name” special request has been submitted and approved by a govern authority.
  • All RCTC Student ID Card photos are head and neck only, face-front (a basic DMV/passport style photo). No “silly” or otherwise different poses, faces, gestures, etc. are allowed by the subject of any RCTC Student ID Card photo. No hats (except for head coverings required for religious purposes) or foreign objects are allowed in photos.
  • The RCTC Student ID Card is the property of RCTC and must be returned to appointed college authority upon request.
  • The RCTC Student ID Cards shall not be defaced, modified, altered, changed, tampered with or deliberately damaged.
  • Unauthorized use, tampering, or alteration of a RCTC Student ID Card may result in disciplinary action.
  • The RCTC Student ID Card is non-transferable. Cards in possession of anyone other than the cardholder may be confiscated and turned in to the RCTC Campus Safety.
  • The RCTC Campus Safety will attempt to notify cardholders immediately when lost or stolen cards are received by the RCTC Campus Safety.
  • Replacement cards for individuals who require a new card as a result of theft are issued at no cost at the discretion of the library staff and if the individual submits in person a verbal statement to the RCTC Campus Safety.
  • A replacement fee for traditional RCTC Student ID Cards for students with uninterrupted enrollment (within the last year) and for all other cardholders for damaged or lost cards will be assessed at the cost to replace the card.

Date of Implementation:   Immediate
Date of Adoption:   10/12/16