Policy: Student Publications (2.8.3)

See PDF copy of this policy.

The official student newspaper publication for Rochester Community and Technical College shall be the Echo.


This publication shall be subject to oversight by the Academic Affairs’ Communications division, and a faculty member from that division will be the advisor, with responsibility to oversee and maintain acceptable journalistic practices and standards.


Part 1. Statement of Purpose: The purpose of the student newspaper is:

  • To provide a news, editorial, and entertainment medium for students, faculty, staff, and administration.
  • To open a channel for free and responsible discussion to college students, faculty, staff and administration.
  • To constructively criticize and make suggestions in editorial matters.
  • To serve as an activity for students interested in journalism, print, and publication work.
  • To provide a stimulating activity environment, challenging students to the task of organization, responsibility, and teamwork.

Part 2. Responsibility: The newspaper has a basic responsibility to its readers to present material that is well-written, timely, factual, meaningful, constructive and in good taste.


Part 3. Operations Policy: The ECHO newspaper will be produced on a regular schedule by staff, volunteers, and advisor for distribution to the RCTC College community. Operational guidelines and procedures will be established by the ECHO student management team in consultation with the advisor. These guidelines will be reviewed yearly to ensure the ECHO continues to achieve its stated purpose and mission.


Date of Implementation:    Immediate
Date of Adoption:                  8/25/2009
Revisions:                                3/1/18