Policy: Student Involvement in Decision Making (2.3)

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(System Policy 2.3)

Part 1. General Provision:   Rochester Community and Technical College students shall have the opportunity for representation on all-college committees involving or affecting student interests.  In addition, student representation will be encouraged on college ad hoc committees, task forces, and work teams involving or affecting student interests.


Part 2. Student Participation in System Conferences and Issue Forums:   Student representatives shall be given the opportunity to participate in system conferences and issue forums that are a part of the policy development and/or decision-making process.


Part 3. Exceptions:   Exceptions for the policy may include the following:


Subpart A.   Committees established for the evaluation of personnel.


Subpart B.   Committees established under collective bargaining agreements.


Subpart C.   Management teams, presidential cabinets, and committees of the MnSCU board.


Part 4. Selection:   The College shall establish the appropriate number of student representatives for each committee, task force or work team.  Student representatives to the all-college committees shall be selected by the Rochester Community and Technical College Student President.

Date of Implementation:  Immediate

Date of Adoption: 1996

Date of Revisions:  September 18, 2013