Fee Statement Explanation


Fee Statement Explanation
(1) Stinger ID number
(2) Date of statement
(3) Semester due date
(4) Amount due
(5) Credit card payment information
(6) Student name and address
(7) Semester billed for
(8) Residency status being billed for
(9) If you have questions call this number
(10) Send payment to:
(11) Charge breakdown:

  • Residency tuition rate
  • Fee to help defray the cost of technology on campus
  • Minnesota State College Student Association fee
  • Fee to help defray the cost of the Health Service
  • Used to maintain parking lots, sidewalks, lighting, and campus roads
  • Used to fund Student Life activities on campus
  • Students with APPROVED financial aid may contact the Financial Aid office in regards to charging books prior to financial aid disbursement

(12) Shows financial aid applied to account
(13) Personal payment
(14) Total current charges
(15) Total payments made toward student account
(16) Amount of change check from RCTC to student
(17) Current balance due to RCTC from student
(18) Student’s current semester schedule
(19) Message from RCTC
(20) Message from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities