Room Reservations, Event Scheduling


Meeting Rooms:

The college offers a variety of special gathering room facilities for use by students, staff, and the community. To reserve a room for meetings and other special events, contact the Facilities/Scheduling office at 507-280-5512 for main campus rooms (RCTC//Heintz Center), or the Sports Center office at 507-280-2880 for Sports Center rooms.

Staff can also use the Virtual Room and Events Management Scheduler (EMS) to reserve rooms for meetings and events.

Room Rates:

Facilities Use Rates.PDF

Facilities Schedulers:

Mona Permann – Academic Affairs/Facilities Scheduler
Phone: 507-280-5512
Fax: 507-285-7108

– Sports Facilities Director
Phone: 507-280-2880
Fax: 507-280-5577

Brian Hazelton – Sports Center Scheduler
Phone: 507-280-2880
Fax: 507-280-5577