Room Reservations, Event Scheduling


Meeting Rooms:

The college offers a variety of special gathering room facilities for use by students, staff, and the community. To reserve a room for meetings and other special events, contact the Facilities/Scheduling office at 507-280-5512 for main campus rooms (RCTC//Heintz Center), or the Sports Center office at 507-280-2880 for Sports Center rooms.

Staff can also use the Virtual Room and Events Management Scheduler (EMS) to reserve rooms for meetings and events. You can also browse events by day, week month, location or group.

Room Rates:

Facilities Use Rates.PDF

Facilities Schedulers:

Mona Permann – Academic Affairs/Facilities Scheduler
Phone: 507-280-5512
Fax: 507-285-7108

Michael Sheggeby – Sports Facilities Director
Phone: 507-280-2880
Fax: 507-280-5577