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Preparation for College Math

Accurate placement is key to academic success. At RCTC, we use Accuplacer and ALEKS PPL (Placement, Preparation, and Learning) for our math placement testing. Please click Math Placement Testing Options for more information.

ALEKS PPL is an artificially intelligent software system that accurately assesses, prepares, and places students into math courses where they are most likely to succeed. The ALEKS PPL test is a diagnostic test that creates an individualized learning experience after your placement test. Then you can complete modules in your account to brush up on your math skills before you retake another placement test to increase your placement. Once you create your account you have 12 months of access to take up to five (5) placement tests and unlimited practice.

Check out this short video introduction to ALEKS PPL.

The ALEKS PPL placement test is taken online and consists of a maximum of 25 fill-in answers (no multiple choice) questions. There is no time limit on the placement test but usually takes about 90 minutes. You are allowed blank paper and a pen/pencil for working out solutions while taking the test. An on-screen calculator is provided for those questions that require it (this is the only calculator allowed). No notes, textbooks, websites, electronic devices, or math help during assessments.

Use the following process to get set up:

  1. Students interested in taking a placement test, please contact their advisor to get the process started and decide on which placement test is best for them.
  2. If a student decides that ALEKS PPL is best for them, register using the ALEKS PPL Registration document at home prior to their proctored placement test reservation time.
  3. With the help of a student’s advisor make sure they have a proctored placement test reservation.
  4. Take a proctored placement test seriously this will give a student the best results and most accurate problems to review.
  5. After students complete a proctored placement test they will get individual Prep and Learning Modules on topics based on the results from the proctored placement test.
  6. Students who spend 8-10 hours in their learning modules have a high likelihood of moving up to the next placement level.
    1. Help on the Math topics can be found in the Math Learning Center.
  7. After the initial proctored placement test, students have an opportunity to retest another 4 times. Students must wait at least 48 hours in between placement attempts and spend at least 3 hours in their Prep and Learning Modules in between each placement test. If a student does not meet these requirements, then they will not be able to retest when they get to the testing center.