Math Department – Statway



The normal sequence for Math 2208 Fundamentals of Statistics is the following

Math 0093   →   Math 0098   →   Math 0099 or Math 1111   →   Math 2208

The new sequence for Statway Statistics is as follows

Math 0093   →   Math 0990   →   Math 1090

The completion of the Statway® sequence Math 0990 and Math 1090 in consecutive semesters is equivalent to the completion of Math 2208. The Statway sequence covers the same material as Math 2208 at a slower pace and without the Algebra background. The prerequisite for Math 0990 Statway Statistics I is the same as the prerequisites for Math 0098 Elementary Algebra. So the students starting at the Math 0093 level or testing at the Math 0098 level would save one semester by taking the Statway sequence.

The Statway sequence is also taught using active based learning model.

The following link takes you to student testimonial who have taken Statway at other schools around the country.

The completion of the Statway sequence Math 0990 and Math 1090 in consecutive semesters will transfer as an introductory Statistics course to the following schools

  • Metropolitan State University (Metro State) – STAT 201
  • Minnesota State University, Mankato – STAT 154
  • St. Cloud State University – STAT 193
  • University of Minnesota – STAT 3011
  • Winona State University – STAT 110