Mission, Vision, Values, and Outcomes

Simon Huelsbeck, Art Instructor, Talking with RCTC Student

Rochester Community and Technical College provides accessible, affordable, quality learning opportunities to serve a diverse and growing community.

Rochester Community and Technical College will be a universal gateway to world class learning opportunities.

Value Proposition
Improving Student Lives

College Values and Service Attributes

  • Learner-Centered: Be approachable and attentive to students’ and others’ needs
  • Excellence: Anticipate, create and recognize engaging experiences
  • Respect: Demonstrate understanding and sensitivity when serving
  • Teamwork: Collaborate and engage each other to better serve
  • Innovation: Explore, empower and implement creative ideas to better serve
  • Fun: Foster a pleasant, personable and enjoyable environment

Core Outcomes

  • Communication: Students will communicate appropriately for their respective audiences.
  • Critical Thinking: Student will think systematically and explore information thoroughly before accepting or formulating a position or conclusion.
  • Personal and Professional Accountability: Student will take responsibility as active learners for achieving their educational and personal goals.
  • Global Awareness and Diversity: Students will demonstrate an understanding of and respect for human diversity through their words and actions.