Office of Equity and Inclusion

The office of Equity and Inclusion at Rochester Community and Technical College strives to serve traditionally under-served populations with the goal of achieving academic equity, and creating a safe, respectful and welcoming climate for all students. It also provides cross-cultural programs and activities to support a rich and healthy learning environment.

RCTC recognizes diversity, equity, and inclusion as three distinct, yet interdependent, constructs:

Diversity represents the multiple dimensions of identity across the human spectrum. We believe diversity should be present in all its forms on our campus, within our student body, and amongst the employees of the college. Diversity should be proportionate to the Rochester and greater Southeastern Minnesota region.

Inclusion represents the sense of belonging that must exist for the diverse students, employees, and other stakeholders who make up RCTC’s community. Inclusion is not only an ethical necessity, but is an imperative for educational rigor, student success, and lifelong learning.

Equity represents the goal of our efforts. RCTC recognizes that equity is not the same as equality, and that diverse populations by definition come to the institution with disparate experiences, circumstances, and preparation. As an open access institution, we are then called to ensure that students experience success and achieve their goals, despite how they enter RCTC.

This commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity is focused on meeting diverse student and employee interests, as well as regional educational and economic needs. We welcome students of every background and culture!

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