Policy: Academic Program Inventory (3.36.1)

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 (System Policy 3.36)

Part 1. Definitions:

Subpart A. The Academic Program Inventory consists of every degree, diploma and certificate program which the College has established and is authorized to award. The College Catalog and other relevant publications will list the academic programs offered, entrance requirements (if any), and graduation requirements.


Subpart B. Advisement Guides may be prepared by the faculty and staff to guide students toward particular career or transfer goals. College publications will clearly distinguish between such advisement guides and the approved degree, diploma, and certificate programs.


Part 2. Program Inventory:

Subpart A. The RCTC official program inventory is maintained by the senior academic officer, who is also responsible for forwarding to the Minnesota State Board any requests for approval of additions or deletions.


Subpart B. Modifications of programs, including program deletions, additions, and modifications, will adhere to established departmental and Curriculum Council procedures for campus-level approval. The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs is responsible for notifying Minnesota State of such modifications.


Part 3. Articulation Agreements: The Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs will maintain current  records of all articulation and transfer agreements. Copies will be updated on the college website page via a link with MnTransfer.org.

Date of Implementation: Immediate
Date of Adoption: 7/1/96
Revision: 2/8/05; 3/16/22