Policy: Participation in Credit and Non-Credit Courses (3.11.1)

See PDF copy of this policy.

Part 1. Policy:

Only currently registered students of a course may attend or participate in course lectures, labs, or activities; or use classroom or lab equipment or materials.  It is the responsibility of the student to register for a course prior to participation.

Part 2. Exceptions:

  • A non-registered individual may attend a course meeting in situations such as: they have been hired to assist a student as approved for accommodations, or requested by the faculty member to participate as a guest speaker or other class related function.
  • At the discretion of the faculty member, a student waiting for a seat to open in a fully enrolled course, may participate in the course prior to enrollment up to the add/drop day for that course.



Date of Implementation: Spring 2017
Date of Adoption: 11/30/16
Responsible Division: Academic Affairs