Policy: Academic Program Review (3.36)

See PDF copy of this policy.

Part 1. Academic Program Review: Rochester Community and Technical College shall review all programs/departments annually in alignment with the institution’s Strategic and Master Academic Plan. Reviews shall be conducted by faculty in the respective areas, reported by the appropriate program leader/department-division coordinator, and verified by the appropriate Dean. Academic Program Reviews shall be submitted electronically through the Program Leader/Department-Division Coordinator SharePoint site, no later than February of each calendar year.

The Office of the Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs shall provide detailed direction regarding the content and format of the required Program/Department Reviews.  Executive summaries of completed reviews may, at the discretion of the Chair of AASC, be requested for presentation at AASC for discussion/consultation.

Part 2. Elements of Academic Program Review
Subpart 1. All Academic Program/Department reviews shall address the following: (a) progress toward academic goals, (b) utilization of budget resources and outcomes achieved, (c) analysis of data that contribute to efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction, (d) assessment and progress toward learning outcomes, (e) continuous improvement goals and initiatives and (f) documentation of budget resources needed to achieve goals.

Date of Implementation: Immediate
Date of Adoption: 7/1/96
Date of Revisions: 1/18/05; 4/28/2009; 11/30/16