Policy: Graduation Requirements (3.17.8)


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To graduate from Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) students have four (4) years to fulfill the requirements in effect at the time of their initial enrollment. If the graduation requirements have changed subsequent to the time of initial enrollment, the student may elect to graduate under the new criteria. However, if there is a break in attendance of four or more consecutive terms, the student must meet the requirements in place at the term of re- enrollment. Students taking more than four (4) years to complete requirements must follow the curriculum in a catalog under which they were enrolled during the four (4) year period preceding their date of graduation.


When an academic program is suspended, closed, or relocated, students who maintain full time enrollment will be allowed two (2) semesters to complete the identified plan for completion.


All degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by Rochester Community and Technical College require a minimum grade point average of 2.00. For degree programs, the minimum RCTC GPA will be calculated as accumulative. For certificate and diploma programs, the minimum RCTC GPA will be calculated only using those courses needed to complete the program of study. A student must earn a minimum of one-third of the total credits from RCTC to be eligible for a certificate or diploma, and for an Associate degree a student must earn a minimum of fifteen (15) credits.


The College reserves the right to automatically post certificate, diploma, and degree completion to the student academic record upon the verification that all requirements have been satisfied.


Date of Implementation:   Spring 2023

Date of Adoption:   6/9/97

Revisions Adopted:   3/18/04; 3/10/09; 9/26/18; 11/22/2022