Policy: Continuing Education (3.30)

See PDF copy of this policy.

Part 1. Purpose: To provide direction and guidelines for implementing the Continuing Education and Customized Training Services (CE/CTS) mission of Minnesota State.

Part 2. Definition: Continuing Education and Customized Training Services offer academically sound credit and non-credit instruction, and related services, on or off campus, through attainment of employer partnership grants, open enrollment, contracted/customized instruction, or distance learning technology that help individuals/businesses meet professional, personal or organizational goals in order to:

  •  Enhance knowledge and skills required by rapid change in the workplace
  •  Meet ongoing professional licensure requirements
  •  Improve productivity for business and industry
  •  Develop a well-informed citizenry, able to critically examine societal and global issues
  •  Provide for lifelong learning

Part 3. Policy: Continuing Education and Customized Training provide both credit and non-credit instruction.
1. Continuing education/customized training non-credit bearing courses meet the instructional standards set by the Customized Training Division.

2. Continuing education/customized training non-credit instruction is taught by qualified instructors and developed in accordance with standards and guidelines consistent with the institution’s mission. Non-credit course completion is not applicable toward credit-bearing certificates, diplomas, or degree programs. However, it may be possible to apply learning from a non-credit course toward a subsequent credit award through approved credit-for-prior-learning processes such as portfolio assessment, credit by examination and other procedures provided for in Board Policy.

3. When college coursework is delivered to students enrolled for college credit, the course curriculum shall meet standards for credit instruction.

Date of Implementation:   Immediate

Date of Adoption:     6/9/1997

Revisions:   3/1/18