Policy: Developmental Studies (3.3.2)

See PDF copy of this policy.

Part 1. Purpose: RCTC, in order to provide for both access and academic success, shall provide a comprehensive program of assessment, placement, and developmental education.

Part 2. Procedures.
Subpart 1. RCTC shall provide for the assessment of basic skills that includes testing in the areas of Reading, English Composition, Mathematics and English as a Second Language to all students before they enroll for their eighth credit. RCTC shall establish regulations that provide for exceptions to this policy for transfer students and for certain course categories such as continuing education.
Subpart 2. Assessment testing will utilize the same standardized test for all students. An alternative test may be administered to non-native speakers of English. Equivalent conversion tables shall be developed to place students who present documented scores on other standardized basic skills tests from other institutions.
Subpart 3. The assessment results shall be used for advising students in the selection of appropriate courses. RCTC shall provide developmental education in academic skills designed to prepare students for entry into college level courses.
Subpart 4. Faculty shall set minimum assessment standards in reading, mathematics, and English composition for entry into introductory college-level courses. RCTC shall require students who score below these minimum standards to successfully complete appropriate developmental courses before enrolling in the specified college-level courses. RCTC shall establish regulations that provide for exceptions to this policy for specified certificate and diploma programs. Advisement documents shall be produced compiling this information and providing lists of college-level courses which may be taken concurrently with or prior to completion of developmental courses.
Subpart 5. Developmental courses shall have course numbers lower than college-level courses, and shall not apply as credit in the Associate degree, but shall count toward financial aid eligibility.
Subpart 6. RCTC shall establish a process by which students may appeal the judgments set by these assessment and placement standards and procedures.
Subpart 7. Data shall be collected and reported on an ongoing basis to evaluate the outcomes of assessment policies/procedures, placement policies/procedures, and developmental courses.