Policy: Fresh Start (3.17.7)

See PDF copy of this policy.

A student with a two-year lapse of attendance at Rochester Community and Technical College may apply to the Office of Admissions and Records for a transcript re-evaluation (Fresh Start) within two calendar years of returning to RCTC.  A student will be allowed to submit a second Fresh Start application after a four-year lapse of attendance at Rochester Community and Technical College. A transcript re-evaluation allows a student to exclude grades and withdrawals that are detrimental to the student’s grade point average (GPA) and College Completion Rate.  Detrimental grades are defined as “D”, “F”, “FN”, and “FW” grades, along with Withdrawals (“W”), Incompletes (“I”), and non-credit (“NC”) because they impact a student’s ability to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress.  The student’s record will reflect all original grades and courses attempted by the student; however, the grades and courses will not be included in the computation of the cumulative GPA or completion percentage.  The entire transcript will be reviewed upon application to a program with selective admission criteria.


Date of Implementation:   Immediate
Date of Adoption:   6/9/97
Revisions Adopted:   11/28/00; 6/16/10; 10/29/2013