Policy: Course Syllabi (3.22.1)

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Syllabus Required Elements

 (System Policy 3.22)
(RCTC Procedure 3.22.1)

System Policy 3.22 will be in effect with the following RCTC Procedure.

Part 1. Purpose.
An extension of the common course outline, syllabi are the documents that provide students important course related information. Ownership of course syllabi as intellectual property resides with the individual faculty. Every faculty member shall provide a copy of the course syllabus to students and administration as outlined in Part 2 below.

Part 2. Procedure.
Faculty will distribute a course syllabus to all students registered in the course, on the first day of classes. Syllabi shall include the required content identified on the RCTC Syllabi Requirements document found in the Academic Affairs Resources SharePoint site.

Using the designated collection platform, each semester all faculty will submit to administration an electronic copy of the syllabus for each class they teach. Syllabi will be stored in a restricted database for dissemination as described in Part 3.

  • For full semester courses, syllabi are due no later than the end of the first week of the semester.
  • For courses offered in a condensed time format, syllabi are due in an equivalent timeframe as calculated by a full-semester course.

Part 3. Dissemination.
Faculty will:

  • distribute individual syllabi to all students currently enrolled in a course as described in Part 2.

Administrative dissemination is restricted to:

  • distribution of individual syllabi to students who are past members of classes, or institutions of higher learning upon request of students who are past members of classes, for the purpose of aiding transfer; and


  • distribution of individual syllabi to regional or professional accrediting bodies for the purpose of institutional and/or program accreditation.

Administration will provide written information to appropriate faculty regarding distributions. In the event a faculty member is no longer employed at RCTC, administration will inform the faculty president of any syllabi distributions. No other copies of syllabi will be distributed without individual faculty written permission.

Date of Implementation: Immediate

Date of Adoption: 3/27/2001

Responsible Division: Academic Affairs

Revision Dates: 3/21/2003; 2/17/2007; 3/1/2018.