Policy: RCTC Mission (3.24)

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(System Policy 3.24)


VISION: Rochester Community and Technical College will be a universal gateway to world class learning.


MISSION: Rochester Community and Technical College empowers students to thrive in an ever-changing, diverse society by providing access to exceptional education.




Purpose 1: Grow participation rates and market share among targeted and emerging markets.

Purpose 2: Provide academic programs, services, and graduates that align with the needs of our students, employers, the community, and other key stakeholders.

Purpose 3: Achieve learning and performance excellence through continuous improvement, service, engagement, and innovation with accountability for results.

Purpose 4: Create value by improving student lives and meeting the needs of stakeholders.

Purpose 5: Actively partner with PK-16, business and community organizations to ensure student success and the availability of a competitive workforce.

Purpose 6: Create a culture committed to our values (Learner-Centered, Excellence, Innovation, Respect, Teamwork, and Fun).

Purpose 7: Advance the social and economic vitality of the greater Rochester area.

Purpose 8: Strengthen the capability of RCTC’s workforce.

Purpose 9: Advance the college through strengthened shared governance and leadership systems.

Purpose 10: Demonstrate financial viability, fiscal stewardship, and effective use of resources.




Associate of Science degrees, Associate of Applied Science degrees, Associate of Arts degrees, Associate of Fine Arts degrees, Certificates and Diplomas

Date of Original Approval: January 20, 1999

Date Presented to Board of Trustee and Date of Reaffirmation: May 16, 2016