Emergency Medicine Paramedic Program

The Emergency Medicine Paramedic (EMP) program is a 20-month program in affiliation with the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences. Paramedics are critical members of the first response team and provide advanced life support in emergency situations. As an expanding career field, there are many opportunities available to paramedics.

Program highlights

  • Hands-on clinical experiences and rotations in specialized areas such as the NICU, various lab and rotation sites, off-site simulation experiences, among others.
  • Access to resources that only Mayo Clinic can provide, such as ECT shock therapy, ECG Monitoring Lab, Cadaver Lab, and Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Center.

Program Options

Emergency Medicine Paramedic AS

Admission into the Emergency (EMP) program is competitive, a maximum of 20 students are admitted each year. This is a dual enrollment program; accepted students can complete remaining general education requirements while in the program if they meet the course requirements, *please see your academic advisor for placement measures. Applicants must hold a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to graduate from this program. Click Admission for a full list of eligibility criteria and admissions requirements.





RCTC's Dale AmyDale Amy, Program Advisor

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