Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist program at RCTC, students will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Fundamental understanding of the principles underlying the clinical profession of cardiovascular technology.
  • Ability to demonstrate a working clinical knowledge of modalities utilized for diagnostic and interventional cardiology procedures.
  • Ability to articulate the basics of skill acquisition for self-directed learning for continuing education relating to the field of invasive interventional cardiology after successful completion of their formal studies.
  • Ability to demonstrate the technical skills in the clinical setting in primary areas of cardiovascular technology practice.
  • Ability to demonstrate the basic clinical skills, techniques, and competencies required to practice as a cardiovascular technologist in order to perform and assist with a broad base of diagnostic and interventional cardiovascular procedures.
  • Awareness and commitment to practicing according to the clinical standards, ethical principles, and the legal requirements of the profession of cardiovascular technology; and to the values of the Mayo Clinic, and Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.
  • Demonstrate the awareness of cultural and diversity differences in the workplace as evidenced by the ability to practice in a continuum of diverse health care environments.
  • Exemplify appropriate and professional skills of interpersonal communication with all patients and with all other members of the health care team.
  • Actively engage in multifaceted roles of an active professional, including technologist, educator, researcher, collaborator, advocate and life-long learner.
  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the responsibilities of all health care workers to contribute to the enhancement of the health and welfare of society.

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