Dental Assistant Option 2


Option #2: Dental Assistant Diploma Program.
47 credits – 2 Year Delivery – Required sequencing is as follows:
First Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Semester
DA 1200: Dental Communications 3 cr DA 1250: Dental Science II 3 cr None
DA 1210: Dental Science I 3 cr DA 1255: Dental Materials 4 cr
DA 1215: Dental Practice Management 2 cr
Total 8 cr Total 7 cr

Second Year

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Semester
DA 1220: Chairside Assisting I 6 cr DA 1260: Chairside Assisting II 4 cr DA 1280: Dental Assisting Internship 7 cr
DA 1225: Dental Infection Control 2 cr DA 1265: Expanded Functions I 7 cr
DA 1230: Preventive Dentistry 2 cr DA 1270: Expanded Functions II 1 cr
DA 1275: Dental Radiology 3 cr
Total 8 cr Total 15 cr 7 cr

Pre-Admission Criteria for Options #2:

  • Diploma from high school/GED. (Applicants in their senior year of high school may be given provisional acceptance into the Dental Assistant Program if they are on track to graduate and meet Pre-Admission criteria #2-4. Final acceptance into the Dental Assistant Program will be awarded upon submission of proof of high school graduation).
  • Earned a “2.5” GPA or better from high school or college.
  • Earned a “C” letter grade or better in high school Biology or college Biology (BIOL 1101 or its transfer equivalent).
  • Apply to RCTC and declare Dental Assisting as your major.
    Complete the following two (2) applications and return them to RCTC Admissions and Records:

    • RCTC General Application:
    • Dental Assistant Program Application (after September 1st):

Students must place into College level Reading and English on the ASAP Placement test (or its equivalent).