Dental Assistant Option 4

One year delivery is very fast-paced and requires the student to be very focused, self-motivated and organized. Due to the rigor of the heavy credit load in the one year option, the student should not plan to work outside of school during the week and/or have limited work hours on weekends in order to have adequate time to achieve success in the program.

Option #4: Dental Assistant Associates of Applied Science Degree Program.
64 Credits – 1 Year* – Required sequencing listed below.
(*The 17 credits of Minnesota Transfer Curriculum as listed on the Dental Assistant Associate of Applied Sciences Degree Program plan must have been completed prior to entry into the Dental Assistant Program.)

Note: Options #3 and #4 have the same sequencing and pre-admission criteria.

One Full Year

Fall Semester

DA 1200: Dental Communications 3 cr
DA 1210: Dental Science I 3 cr
DA 1215: Dental Practice Management 2 cr
DA 1220: Chairside Assisting I 6 cr
DA 1225: Dental Infection Control 2 cr
DA 1230: Preventive Dentistry 2 cr
Total 18 cr

Spring Semester

DA 1250: Dental Science II 3 cr
DA 1255: Dental Materials 4 cr
DA 1260: Chairside Assisting II 4 cr
DA 1265: Expanded Functions I 7 cr
DA 1270: Expanded Functions II 1 cr
DA 1275: Dental Radiology 3 cr
Total 22 cr

Summer Semester

DA 1280: Dental Assisting Internship 7 cr
Total 7 cr

Pre-Admission Criteria for Option #4:

  • Diploma from high school/GED. (Applicants in their senior year of high school may be given provisional acceptance into the Dental Assistant Program if they are on track to graduate and meet Pre-Admission criteria #2-4. Final acceptance into the Dental Assistant Program will be awarded upon submission of proof of high school graduation).
  • Earned a “B-” letter grade or better in high school Biology or college Biology (BIOL 1101 or its transfer equivalent).
  • Earned a “2.75 GPA or better from high school or college.
  • Apply to RCTC and declare Dental Assisting as your major.

Complete the following two (2) applications and return them to RCTC Admissions and Records:

    • RCTC General Application:
    • Dental Assistant Program Application (after September 1st)

Students must place into College level Reading and English on the ASAP Placement test (or its equivalent).