Human Services Technician Admission Criteria


Program Admission:

  1. Apply to the college and indicate Human Services Technician as your major.
  2. Meet college admission requirements including GED or high school diploma.
  3. Students may be advised to take developmental courses in English if college entrance test scores are below recommended levels.
  4. Submit completed program admission forms such as health forms, required immunizations, and background study clearance as required by the Minnesota Department of  Human Services. (These will be discussed on the first day of classes).
  5. Students should contact the Human Services program leader each semester and prior to registering for courses.  Advising includes course plans for full-time and part-time students.
  6. Students still in high school may attend under the Post Secondary Options Act after consulting with their high school guidance department.
  7. After being accepted by the college, students must attend orientation and take a basic skills assessment test covering math and reading.
  8. Students must be mentally and chemically healthy.  Candidates with a history of chemical dependency must be symptom free for at least one year in order to qualify for a chemical dependency field experience.   Likewise, candidates who have a history of mental illness must be symptom free to qualify for field experience.

Workers in the Human Services field must be healthier than the clients they are working with.