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Disqualifiers for being a peace officer in Minnesota

Minnesota Rules, Chapter 6700.0300, subp. 5(D), requires all students be advised in writing of minimum selection standards that must be met to become a licensed peace officer in Minnesota. Students are advised of these standards in order to make informed decisions about participation in the professional peace officer education program.
If a student has been convicted of a felony in Minnesota or any other state or federal jurisdiction or any of the standards listed below, the student is barred from becoming a licensed peace officer in Minnesota.
The following list of convictions pertains to juveniles tried as an adult or any individual 18 years of age or older. A juvenile record does not bar a student from becoming a peace officer in Minnesota.

609.224 Assault in the fifth degree
609.2242 Domestic Assault
609.23 Mistreatment of persons confined
609.231 Mistreatment of residents or patients
609.2325 Criminal Abuse (vulnerable adult)
609.233 Criminal Neglect (vulnerable adult)
609.2335 Financial Exploitation (vulnerable adult)
609.234 Failure to report (maltreatment of a vulnerable adult under MN §626.557)
609.324 Other prohibited acts (prostitution related)
609.465 Presenting false claims
609.466 Medical assistance fraud
609.52 Theft (Including petty crimes)
609.72 Subd. 3 Disorderly conduct (re: vulnerable adult)
243.166 Registration of predatory offenders
243.167 Registration under the predatory offender registration law for other offenses

If an individual has been convicted under any narcotics or controlled substances law the individual is barred from becoming a peace officer in Minnesota.  This does not include possession of a small amount of marijuana or possession of drug paraphernalia, if the conviction was a petty misdemeanor.