Pre-Social Work Transfer Pathway Outcomes

Upon completion of the Pre-Social Work Transfer Pathway program at RCTC, students will
achieve the following outcomes:

  • Recognize the background of humans and their environment, genetics, and evolution.
  • Analyze data and sample populations.
  • Recognize the complexity of the structures and dynamics of society.
  • Understand the principles of psychology as well as the ethical issues involved in the study of behavior and mental processes.
  • Define physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development from infancy through late adulthood.
  • Acknowledge how diversity and difference characterize and shape the human experience.
  • Describe social welfare as a global social institution linked to the workings of other institutions and shaped by the intersection of politics, economics, social circumstances and value systems which impact different people in different ways.
  • Gain experiential learning in a social service setting, a minimum of 120 hours and evaluated by a site supervisor.
  • Demonstrate the values of the Social Work Profession as well as the historical development of the profession at an introductory level.