Automotive Technician Program Faculty

The Automotive Technician instructors bring not only their academic knowledge but also their industry work experience. This combination of academics and industry experience provides students with quality instruction.


Mike Harding, RCTC Auto Instructor Mike Harding
Program Leader and Instructor • 507-280-3165

Mike Harding is an Automotive Technician instructor; he began teaching at RCTC in 2016.

Mike graduated from the Automotive Technician program at RCTC in 1996. In 1998, he graduated from the Automobile Diagnostics program at Alexandria Technical College.

He is an Automotive Service Excellence Master Technician (ASE) and a Certified General Motors Technician.

“I enjoy helping students make wise decisions, not only with their career but also in life,” says Mike when asked about his teaching style. Helping students make good life choices is his favorite part of his job. Golfing and bowling are his pastimes outside of the classroom and shop.


Jonathan Kettner, RCTC Auto Instructor Jon Kettner
Instructor • 507-280-3147

Jon Kettner is an Automotive Technician Instructor who began teaching at RCTC in 2021.

Jon graduated from the Automotive Technician program at RCTC in 2002 and later became an ASE Master Certified Technician.

“I enjoyed working in the local automotive industry for the past 20 years. I am now excited to, not only teach current and future students the different aspects of the automobile but also to pass along real-life experience to help them along in their careers.”