Aviation Program Admission

The Aviation Pilot program is a new and unique educational experience at RCTC.  Students wishing to pursue this AAS degree must complete a number of steps prior to acceptance into the program. This page outlines the steps necessary to begin and complete the application and enrollment process for the Aviation Pilot program.

Students wishing to apply and enroll in the Aviation Pilot program MUST have a completed high school diploma or equivalent at the time of registration/enrollment. While the Aviation Pilot program is NOT eligible for PSEO, AVIA 1100 is available to PSEO students.


Note: Application and Acceptance to RCTC does NOT guarantee acceptance into the Aviation Pilot Program.

Please complete these requirements to fully enroll at Rochester Community and Technical College.  You must complete all items to enroll for your preferred term.

  • APPLY TO RCTC – rctc.edu/apply. Please note application deadlines may apply for general admission. Students will be admitted to RCTC after submitting a general application and must complete the remaining steps prior to acceptance into the Aviation Pilot Program.
  • APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at fafsa.gov. RCTC’s school code is 002373. When you receive your award letter, schedule an appointment immediately with an RCTC financial aid representative. The representative will explain your award letter and provide you with external loan options.
    Rochester Community and Technical College
    Records and Registration, Box 7
    851 30th Ave SE
    Rochester, MN 55904

NEW STUDENTS: Request official high school transcripts or an equivalent, such as GED, to be sent to RCTC.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Request college transcripts from ALL institutions attended, even if you withdrew.  If you have attended or are currently attending one or more Minnesota State institutions (not including the University of Minnesota), your official transcript(s) will be electronically retrieved at no cost once you have submitted your application.

Complete Assessment Testing (ACCUPLACER)

New students to Rochester Community and Technical College complete the Accuplacer assessment test in math, reading, and writing to assist in proper class placement. Assessment testing MUST be completed prior to registering for any coursework.  Please visit www.rctc.edu/assessment for testing exemptions.

Use the free study guides available prior to Accuplacer testing:

Sample Questions: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/student

Accuplacer App: https://accuplacerpractice.collegeboard.org/login

Register for an assessment date at www.rctc.edu/assessment

NOTE: Summer/Fall semester Accuplacer test sessions begin in March; Spring semester Accuplacer test sessions begin in October. Please refer to your acceptance letter for your start term. Contact Records and Registration at 507-285-7268 if you need to change your starting term.

Contact Disability Support Services at 507-280-2968 if you need testing accommodations based on a documented disability.


After completion of the above RCTC steps, the following FAA requirements should be completed prior to attending a RCTC Registration Session.

  • Obtain a 1st Class Medical Certificate

Locate the nearest Aviation Medical Examiner at the following webpage, http://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator to obtain a 1st class Medical Certificate.  A 2nd or 3rd Class Certificate will not be accepted.

The certificate MUST have been issued within the last 12 months by an FAA-approved Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

*Medical Certificate must be renewed every 12 months from date of exam. 

  • Contact Great Planes at info@flygreatplanes.com to complete the following FAA required steps.
    • VERIFICATION OF CITIZENSHIP Bring original copies of any of the accepted documents below.
      • United States Passport; OR
      • An Official Birth Certificate AND Driver’s License; OR
      • Certificate of Naturalization AND Driver’s License
      • Application can be found: https://iacra.faa.gov/
      • Fill out information online according to instructions with a Great Planes Flight Instructor.
  • Great Planes will send copies of the items above to RCTC Admissions. Once Admissions receives the copies from Great Planes, your application will be complete.

Complete Registration (required for all new RCTC students)

This registration session will introduce students to RCTC policies, procedures, and software used to manage your enrollment. You will also register for classes, receive your student ID (during in-person session), and learn about student services.

Transfer students who do not need placement testing will be eligible for an online session.  Upon completion of the session is completed, you will receive an access code for registration. If you would rather attend an in-person Registration session, you are welcome to do so.

To register for a registration session, visit http://www.rctc.edu/orientation to sign up for your session of choice. NOTE: assessment testing, if required, needs to be completed prior to signing up for a registration session.

Registration sessions for summer/fall semester begin in April; spring registration sessions begin in October. Please refer to your acceptance letter for your start term. Contact the Records and Registration at 507-285-7268 if you need to change your starting term.

Assemble Required Course Materials

  • Purchase tablet (preferably an iPad).
  • Purchase Aviation Kit (available prior to the start of fall semester) that includes all course materials from the RCTC bookstore.  Provide receipt to Great Planes Aviation during the Aviation Student Orientation for distribution of materials.
  • Ensure finances are available and make full payment prior to the first day of Pilot Courses. Please visit https://www.rctc.edu/financialaid/ or call (507) 285-7271.
  • Refer to RCTC Payment options and timelines to ensure course enrollment is maintained.

Additional Important Documents

Disqualifying Medical Conditions 

FAA Medical