Aviation Program Admission

The Aviation Pilot Program is a new and unique educational experience at RCTC. This page outlines the steps necessary to begin and complete the application and enrollment process for the Aviation Pilot Program.

High school students interested in taking Aviation courses as a part of the Post-Secondary Education Option (PSEO) Program should speak with their high school counselor.



When filling out the FAFSA, please use RCTC’s school code: 002373. When you receive your award letter, schedule an appointment immediately with an RCTC financial aid representative. The representative will explain your award letter and provide you with alternative loan options.


After applying to RCTC and applying for Financial Aid, the following FAA requirements should be completed.

Obtain a First-Class FAA Medical Certificate

  1. If you have medical questions or are concerned about a medical condition or prescription that may complicate your medical certificate please visit clearapproach.mayoclinic.org to create an account or log in with Mayo Clinic Online Services account information if already a Mayo Clinic patient. Use RCTC Coupon Code: RCTC23. Mayo Clinic Clear Approach to Medical Certification is an interactive website providing RCTC students with resources to make informed decisions about pilot health and FAA flight medical certification. It is built on a secure and encrypted platform to ensure protected health information. This service is free for RCTC students.
  2. Student must complete an online application/medical form on FAA MedXPress.
  3. Once you have completed the online application/medical form, you will receive a confirmation number. You will need that confirmation number when you schedule your First-Class Medical Appointment.
  4. Schedule your First-Class Medical appointment with an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). The cost of the appointment is $371.

Additional FAA requirements will be completed the first week of flight labs at Great Planes Aviation:

  • Verification of Citizenship. Bring original copies of any of the accepted documents listed below.
    • Valid, unexpired United States Passport; OR
    • Original U.S. Birth Certificate AND Driver’s License; OR
    • Original U.S. Naturalization Certificate with raised seal AND Driver’s License
  • Submit FAA Application for the Student Pilot Certificate in IACRA

4. COMPLETE ORIENTATION (required for all new RCTC students)

This registration session will introduce students to RCTC policies, procedures, and software used to manage your enrollment. You will also register for classes, receive your student ID (during in-person session), and learn about student services.


  • Purchase tablet (preferably an iPad).
  • Purchase the textbooks and additional aviation materials. You can purchase the Jeppesen textbooks either at the RCTC Bookstore or through an online retailer. The additional aviation materials for the ground and flight labs can be purchased from either the Great Planes Aviation Pilot Shop or through any online retailer. A list of materials for your aviation courses can be found in the RCTC Aviation Pilot Program Handbook that you will be given at the RCTC Aviation Orientation in May.
  • Ensure finances are available and make full payment prior to the first day of pilot courses. Please visit www.rctc.edu/financialaid or call 507-285-7271.
  • Refer to RCTC Payment options and timelines to ensure course enrollment is maintained.

Additional Resources

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Mayo Clinic Clear Approach

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