Horticulture Technology Program Careers

Many employment opportunities in horticulture allow for advancement to supervisory and managerial positions.  Businesses of horticultural products and services require skilled employees and managers to be successful.  But for maximum earning potential, one should go into this field with the mind set of possibly starting your own business.

Upon graduation, depending on the curriculum option, a student could perform in the following occupational areas:

  • floral designer;
  • grower;
  • shop manager;
  • garden center manager; technician;
  • salesperson;
  • green house owner/operator;
  • horticulture equipment/supplies sales;
  • public recreation grounds maintenance technician;
  • urban forestry & arboriculture
  • golf course maintenance;
  • grounds maintenance;
  • lawn care/land care maintenance;
  • landscape construction;
  • design;
  • equipment/materials sales;
  • nursery field supervisor;
  • nursery/garden center owner/operator;
  • turf and sod grower/retailer.