Alcohol and Drug Counseling Additional Information

Practicum Information

  • Students must be admitted to the college and indicate Alcohol and Drug Counseling Associates (AS) or Certificate as their major.
  • Students who have questions regarding practicum placements are encouraged to talk with RCTC’s Alcohol & Drug Counseling program lead and faculty.
    • Students may not start their practicum until they have completed all prerequisite guidelines, met with their RCTC-ADC instructor, and received written permission from them to enroll in that class.
    • RCTC has two practicum classes, each one is 440 hours in length. The total number of hours needed for licensing is 880 hours.
  • Students are encouraged to purchase personal liability insurance.
  • Students will work under the guidance of a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor or other qualified professional, while in their practicums.
  • Students must comply with all licensing, college, and internship site policies, statutes, rules and regulations while interning or they may be discharged from the program or practicum site.
  • Students must pass a MN background check / study prior to starting their practicum.


Licensing information