Nursing Assistant Program Careers

Are there career paths that build off the skills learned for the Nursing Assistant Certificate?

The Long-Term Care Nursing Assistant/Home-Health Aide may provide a career ladder. Successful completion of Long-Term Care Nursing Assistant/Home-Health Aide curriculum is a required component of Hospital Nursing Assistant, Human Services Technician, Nursing (Diploma and Associate Degree), and Surgical Technology programs. This curriculum will prepare the health care provider with the necessary skills to seek employment in long-term care, home-health agencies, hospitals or other related service areas. Taking all of the Nursing Assistant components will increase employment opportunities. A Nursing Assistant may be involved in direct patient/resident care or assist with care of the patient/resident unit and/or equipment, charting, record keeping and home-health services.

Possible Career Pathways:

Nurse (LPN)
Services Technician
Nursing Assistant Surgical

Are there job opportunities for Nursing Assistants?

Yes. Most NAs find employment in nursing homes (long-term care), home health care agencies, and hospitals.

What is the salary range for Nursing Assistants?

Average hourly rate is $12.00- $18.00 per hour. This varies with region and experience.