Welding Additional Info

Career Demand

RCTC’s Welding Technology program is designed to prepare students for careers requiring skills welding, cutting, brazing and soldering in industrial manufacturing industries.

According to Minnesota Economic Trends Publication the demand for welding-related jobs in Minnesota is high, and is expected to have above-average growth through the end of the decade.

Employers, particularly in southern Minnesota, have been voicing concern about the supply of welders for several years.  With above average wages and wage offers, strong job demand statewide, and low education requirements, welding is a career worth exploring for people with an interest in making things and working with their hands. Still, employers likely will have to take an active role if they want a trained and prepared workforce to fill future vacancies.

The career outlook for Welding Technology graduates is projected to grow providing above average wages. The projected growth of jobs within the field is 20.9% in southeastern Minnesota providing an average wage of $17.77 per hour.  Local employers include Crenlo, McNielus, DS Manufacturing, etc.

The latest data available show that 89 percent of welding job vacancies will require some post-secondary education and 16 percent will require a certificate award.

Employer Testimonial:

“We have experienced significant needs for qualified trades persons over the last two years. We have hired from a couple of sources. The employees we have obtained via the RCTC welding program are much more prepared for our type of work and know this is an interest of theirs. This saves us training time and lessens recruitment needs.”

Greg Donley
Plant Manager
Midwest Fabrication and Supply
500 22nd Street, Zumbrota, MN 55992