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Section 1: Understanding Yourself



Section 1: Understanding Yourself

Government Data Review

Having narrowed your career choices down to six, researching information about these jobs is key to building an effective employment strategy.

The United States Government has a massive amount of data concerning nearly every conceivable line of employment.  Thankfully, this information is available on the Internet.

What the US Jobs site provides

  1. An expanded definition of the tasks performed
  2. The basic job outlook for specific careers
  3. Growth estimates
  4. Salary and other compensation information


Assignment instructions


Visit this website:

Click on “A-Z Index”


Choose 4 careers that interest you, and, read the government report on this site.  The information about each career is quite exhaustive; and you may not need to read all of it. 

Again, summarizing your thoughts and findings on paper is helpful in fully developing your employment strategy. 


Each job on the government website will have a job description, and outlook section.  Below is guidance on how much to write for each job in your thought paper.

Summarize the following

  1. Job description – 1 paragraph
  2. Job outlook/growth – 1 paragraph
  3. Your thoughts about each of the above – 1 paragraph
  4. o Are there any concerns regarding your findings?
  5. o What stands out the most?


Perform the above tasks for each of the six jobs you have chosen.  Save the results for either future reflection or to hand in to your instructor.  Be sure to title each paragraph with the job title.