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Section 1: Understanding Yourself



Section 1: Understanding Yourself

5-year Plan Revisited

You are ready to move forward!

The foundation of your employment strategy is poured.  However, before a project can move forward, this foundation must be dry and firm.  This is why you have worked so thoroughly in completing previous exercises.  Thought papers, reflections, and worksheet completion is all a part of drying and firming your foundation.

Let’s think back to what you have accomplished thus far in this resource center.  You have:

  1. A greater understanding of your career wants/needs
  2. A thorough knowledge of your career interests
  3. A five year forecast
  4. A greater understanding of earning potential in your interest areas


You are now ready to begin assembling a resume package.  You will learn job search tips, the art of interviewing and much more. 

Read on!  Your effective employment strategy is just getting started.