Nursing (AD) Program Faculty

All full-time faculty members in the AD Nursing Program hold a minimum Master’s Degree in Nursing.  The majority maintain expertise by holding supplemental clinical nursing positions that require them to maintain competency and apply best-practice standards.  All faculty hold credentials that meet the requirements of Minnesota State and Minnesota Board of Nursing.  Master’s prepared faculty, with nursing education backgrounds and clinical expertise, ensure the learning outcomes are achieved by the students.

Full-time Nursing Faculty

Kerri Bjorkley-Campbell, BSN, MS

Rose Buns, BSN, MSN

Stacy Chew, BSN, MSN

Stephanie Cunningham, BSN, MSN

Leanne England, BScN, MS

Onalee Finseth, Ed.D., MSN

Betsy Kennedy, BSN, MS

Mary Shelerud, BS, MSN

Michelle Willinghanz, BSN, MS

Michelle Yankowiak, BSN, MAN