Facility and Service Technology Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the Facility and Service Technician program at RCTC, students will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identify and work with boiler types and their related systems. Feedwater, steam, condensate, turbine, combustion and related controls.
  • Identify and work with different welding processes. GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, Oxy-Acetylene, plasma and different applications.
  • Identify and work with different plumbing fixtures and their repair.  Understand potable, non-potable, DWV systems and their usages.
  • Identify and work with hydraulic and pneumatic systems and their repair.  Understand the application and working properties of each.
  • Identify and work with electrical components, symbols and systems.  Understand properties of electricity, diagnose, troubleshoot and repair electrical systems.
  • Identify and work with different refrigeration systems. (Commercial and Domestic)  Understand properties of Physics and Chemistry involved.  Learn to diagnose, troubleshoot, maintain and repair the different systems.
  • Identify and work with different residential and commercial HVAC systems and building computerized controls.  Understand properties of each system, diagnose, troubleshoot, maintain and repair each system.
  • In each step of education understand the trade related tools, personal protection equipment, and on the job safety related to each system.
  • Demonstrate professional ethics and accountability in each subject.  Demonstrate job ready skills.
  • In each area test and obtain state and federal licensing in each area of knowledge and practiced skill set. (if available)