Facility and Service Technology Program Admission

All prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to admission in FAST programs. 

  • READ 0900 Score Achieved on the Placement Exam OR Completion of READ 0800 with a “C” or better.
  • Completion of MATH 1015 (if tested on Accuplacer at MATH 0093) OR MATH 1016 with a “C” or better (if tested at MATH 0098 or higher on the Accuplacer)                                     
  • Completed prior MATH coursework (1015 or 1016) with a minimum grade of ‘C’ or better.
  • Declared major with the Office of Admissions and Records is one or more of the Facility and Service Technology Programs
  • If your declared major is NOT one of the FAST programs, you will not be admitted to the program until your declared major is one of the FAST programs.


  • Submit final official transcripts from ALL previously attended colleges and, your high school transcript.
    • Your most current final official transcripts need to be on file at RCTC prior to the application for admission to a Facility and Service Technology program.

NEW STUDENTS (No previous college experience)

  • Submit a final official high school transcript with graduation date or GED.
  • Submit placement test results (attach to this application)
    • You must test into READ 0900 to be eligible for FAST I courses, OR test into READ 0900 and also complete MATH 1015 or 1016 with a ‘C’ or better to be eligible for admission into FAST II courses.


  • Only OFFICIAL transcripts will be considered.
    • Please request that the high school or college(s) mail the transcript(s) directly to RCTC.
    • If delivered by you, final official transcript(s) MUST be sealed in an envelope from each school.
  • UNOFFICIAL and INCOMPLETE transcripts will NOT be considered.
    • Faxed transcripts are unofficial.
    • A broken or tampered envelope seal is unofficial.
    • Missing grades, grades of incomplete “I” and missing graduation dates, will be deemed incomplete.
  • Evaluation of credits is based on receipt of official transcript(s) and is done automatically.  Upon completion, a degree audit report (DARS) will be e-mailed to you.  Please allow 4 weeks from the date we receive your official transcript(s).