Music Program Facilities

We take pride in our exceptional, state-of-the-art facilities for performance, study, composition, and practice. Our department offers Wenger practice cubes equipped with pianos for individual practice sessions. Additionally, lockers are available to students for instrument storage. To reserve a locker, please reach out to William Frame via email or in-person.

Our primary classrooms, including the Music Lab (CC-412), Band Room (CC-113), and Piano Class (CC-206), are located in the College Center Building. These classrooms provide a conducive environment for learning and collaboration. Feel free to explore our department and discover the remarkable spaces that await you.

Band Room (CC113):  A versatile space designed for rehearsals and classes. Our acoustically treated room is equipped with a Yamaha C5 Disklavier grand piano, percussion instruments, a video projection system, and a surround sound audio system. It serves as the hub for multiple groups, including the Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, World Drum Ensemble, Aires Show-Choir, Popular Music, Rock Band Ensemble, and Audio Production 2. Whether you’re honing your musical skills or expanding your knowledge in our diverse classes, The Band Room offers the ideal environment for musical growth and collaboration.

Music Lab (CC412):  A cutting-edge facility designed to enhance your musical education. Equipped with 18 Mac stations, our lab serves as a versatile space for Musicianship, Music Fundamentals, Electronic Music Composition, Music Video Lights, Audio Production, and Live Sound Production classes. Each computer is accompanied by an Arturia MIDI keyboard controller, providing a hands-on experience for our students. Our computers are loaded with an impressive array of software programs, including industry-standard tools like Finale, Logic Pro X, Practica Musica, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office Suite, D-Pro, Modul8, and Native Instruments Traktor. Additionally, outside class hours, the lab remains accessible for independent student work and study during RCTC school hours. With dedicated resources and an open environment, The Music Lab is here to support your creative journey and help you thrive in the world of music.

Piano Studio (CC206):  Where music education comes to life. Our spacious studio boasts 20 electronic pianos alongside a Hamilton grand piano, providing a dynamic range of instruments for your learning needs. We offer a variety of classes, including Class Piano, Voice Lessons, and Piano Lessons.  At The Piano Studio, we strive to create an environment that nurtures your musical journey and helps you achieve your goals with the utmost precision and creativity.

Studio A (CC107):  Our state-of-the-art music production studio designed to enhance your music technology courses. Equipped with a cutting-edge computer-based multi-track recording system and MIDI sequencing capabilities, Studio A is the perfect space for unleashing your creativity. The studio is connected to five sound-cubes, an over-dub room, and the Band Room (CC113), offering flexibility for recording various instruments. Featuring both stereo and 5.1 Dolby surround-sound capabilities, Studio A incorporates contemporary technology to assist in the creation of original music. Serving as the main recording studio at RCTC, Studio A is utilized by Audio Production 2 and Electronic Music Composition 2 classes for tracking live instruments, MIDI/Softsynth instruments, and mixing. For a comprehensive list of equipment available in Studio A, please refer to the Studio A Equipment List. Let Studio A be your creative haven as you explore the endless possibilities in music production and composition.

Studio B (CC110):  A dedicated space for audio recording and MIDI sequencing catered towards students in the first semester of Electronic Music Composition I. This studio offers a perfect environment for individual studio compositions, providing you with the necessary tools to bring your creative vision to life. Equipped with a wide range of contemporary creation hardware and software, Studio B empowers you to explore and experiment with various musical techniques. As a simple overdub/MIDI recording studio, Studio B is designed specifically for the needs of students in Electronic Music Composition 1. For a comprehensive list of equipment available in Studio B, please refer to the Studio B Equipment List. Unleash your musical potential and craft your compositions with precision in Studio B, where innovation meets artistic expression.

Studio C (CC106):  A dedicated audio recording studio designed specifically for students in their first semester of Audio Production 1. This studio provides an ideal space for individual studio recording projects, allowing you to focus on honing your audio production skills. Equipped with a carefully curated selection of contemporary creation hardware and software, Studio C offers the necessary tools to bring your projects to life. While it is a simple overdub studio, it provides a solid foundation for you to develop your recording techniques. For a comprehensive list of equipment available in Studio C, please refer to the Studio C Equipment List. Unlock your potential and embark on your audio production journey in Studio C, where creativity and technical expertise merge seamlessly.

Studio D (ST105):  A professional-grade audio recording studio specifically tailored for students enrolled in both the Audio Production 1 and Live Sound Production courses. This studio serves as a versatile space for individual recording and composition projects, empowering you to explore your creativity and develop your technical skills. Equipped with an expanded range of hardware, Studio D is optimized for creating immersive Dolby 5.1 surround-sound projects. Its main functions include surround mixing, overdubs, and reproducing everyday sound effects. For a comprehensive list of the equipment available in Studio D, please refer to the Studio D Equipment List. Step into Studio D and experience a world of audio possibilities, where your imaginative visions take shape and your projects come to life.

Studio E (AT203c):  A vibrant audio recording and MIDI sequencing studio utilized by the Music Tech Club as well as students enrolled in the Live Sound Production course. This versatile space is the perfect setting for exploring DJ-ing, vocal overdubs, and beat-making techniques. Studio E supports individual studio recording and composition projects, offering the same high-quality hardware and software found in our other studios. Accessible to all RCTC students through the Music Tech Club, Studio E provides an inclusive environment where creativity and musical collaboration thrive. For a comprehensive list of equipment available in Studio E, please consult the Studio E Equipment List. Step into Studio E and unlock the potential to express yourself through music and technology.

Hill Theater (HT111):  RCTC’s premier performance space. With a seating capacity of 350, it serves as the central hub for a variety of musical and theatrical productions. The highlight of the theater is the 9-foot Steinway grand piano, providing a stunning instrument for performers and audiences alike. Here, you can enjoy captivating performances by our talented Concert Band, Concert Choir, and Jazz Band, as well as witness captivating Theater productions and concerts by visiting artists. Additionally, the Hill Theater is equipped with a Behringer X32 digital console, making it a versatile practice space for the Live Sound Production class. Experience the magic of live performances in an exceptional venue that combines state-of-the-art technology with artistic excellence.

3rd Floor Café (College Center building):  A versatile space housing the lighting and video rigs used for Music Video Lights II and Live Sound Production. This dynamic area serves multiple purposes, hosting mixers and performances organized by the Music Tech Club, concerts sponsored by Student Life, and acting as a secondary performance venue for various RCTC music ensembles. Whether you’re attending an electrifying performance by our talented students or enjoying events organized by our vibrant club and student life programs, the 3rd Floor Cafe is a hub of creativity and immersive experiences. Join us in this bustling space and be a part of the vibrant artistic community fostered here at RCTC.

Practice Cubes:  The department provides multiple Wenger practice cubes that are available for individual practice and are equipped with pianos.  The practice cubes are available for all RCTC students.

Lockers:  Lockers are provided for students’ instruments.  Please contact William Frame to reserve a locker.