Music Program Ensembles / Events and Concerts

RCTC Concert Choir


An inclusive and non-auditioned ensemble that brings to life a diverse repertoire of contemporary and traditional music. Open to all RCTC students, the Concert Band provides a wonderful opportunity to explore and perform a wide range of musical styles. With rehearsals held twice a week, you’ll have ample time to develop your instrumental skills and enjoy the collaborative experience of making music with your fellow band members. Join us in the Concert Band and embark on an exciting musical journey together.

William Frame • 


An inclusive and non-auditioned ensemble that showcases a diverse repertoire of contemporary and traditional music. Open to all RCTC students, the Concert Choir offers a fantastic opportunity to explore and participate in the joy of choral singing. Rehearsals are held twice a week, providing a supportive and engaging environment for you to refine your vocal skills and share your passion for music. Join us in the Concert Choir and experience the thrill of creating harmonies and memorable performances together.

Nicholas Johnson •


This ensemble offers a dynamic and immersive experience, focusing on standard and contemporary jazz repertoire. Throughout the semester, the Jazz Ensemble performs in various concerts, showcasing their talent and captivating audiences with their incredible performances. This ensemble is open to all students who are passionate about jazz, and auditions are held to ensure the best fit for the ensemble.

William Frame • 


Explore the exciting opportunity for students to engage in the world of drumming through our ensemble. This ensemble provides a platform for students to practice and perform World Beat Music from diverse cultures.

Through this program, students will have the chance to explore various styles, including Samba Batucada, Samba Pagode, Maracatu, Ijexa, Forro, and others from Brazil. They will also delve into Rumba, Mambo, Bolero, Cha cha, Guiro, Comparsa, Bembe (Cuba) Bomba, and Plena from the Caribbean. Additionally, students will learn about Bell Processionals and Hand Drumming from West Africa.

Our ensemble offers twice weekly rehearsals where students will master and refine their skills in these different styles. Regardless of their music reading capabilities, all students are welcome to join and participate in this enriching experience.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to participate in World Drumming and explore diverse musical traditions. Join our ensemble today and embark on a rhythmic journey like no other!

Lee Krueger •


This exciting ensemble is a perfect opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary music without being limited to just the rock genre. Whether you’re into rock, pop, alternative, or any other style of modern music, this club provides a platform for you to explore and express your musical passions. Join us in jamming, rehearsing, and performing with fellow students who share your love for contemporary sounds. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a beginner looking to learn, our club welcomes students of all skill levels. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to unleash your creativity and make some great music together. Join the Rock Band Club and rock the stage with us!

Drew Medin •