Facilities / Maintenance Requests

Our Mission in the Facilities Department is to service and maintain the building of Rochester Community and Technical College. Throughout the year, we are working on a number of projects to enhance the experience of anyone who walks through RCTC’s doors.

In addition, we provide services and support to the faculty and staff of RCTC enabling them to teach and work in safe and up-to-date classrooms and offices.


Facilities Services

Future Projects

The following is a listing of some of the larger projects that RCTC intends to complete in the near future. Check back for additional information on these projects and others as we develop them further.

  • Coffman Hall Roofing Replacement
  • Campus-Wide Exterior Envelope Repairs
  • Heintz Center HVAC Improvements Phase III
  • Heintz Center East Parking Lot Maintenance and Repairs – Phase III (south portion of lot)

FY18-FY21 Projects Timeline


Current/Ongoing Projects

Heintz Center 1100 Suite Predesign

The Rochester Community and Technical College is currently working with the Architecture and Engineering design team of HGA on the Heintz Center 1100 Suite Predesign project.

The Heintz Center is a building complex that contains five interconnected buildings built over the course of time between 1969 and 2014. The total gross square footage is 212,344 GSF. The area affected by this project is primarily in the 1100 Suite with additional work in the 1200 Suite, portions of the 1300 Suite, and commons (part of the 1400 Suite). The primary focus of this project is to improve academic program adjacencies, better utilize the available building space, and improve the overall efficiency of the 1100 Suite technical lab spaces.

This Predesign is planned to be completed in 2021 for a State of Minnesota General Obligation Bond project design funding request in 2022 and anticipated construction funding in 2024.


Atrium Bookstore Relocation & Renovation

The Rochester Community and Technical College is planning to relocate our campus Bookstore from the current 1st Floor College Center location to the Atrium 1st Floor former Welcome Center location.  This project’s focus is to improve the visibility and accessibility of our students and to modernize the Bookstore operations.

This project is planned to be completed and open in July of 2022.


Campus-Wide Door Hardware & Access Upgrades

The Rochester Community and Technical College is planning to upgrade all of our exterior door and interior classroom doors with enhanced locking capabilities to improve campus safety and security.

This project is planned to be completed in April of 2022.


Rochester Energy Benchmarking Program

RCTC is proud to be a part of the Rochester Energy Benchmarking Program.  The program provides a platform for Rochester business and building owners to track their energy use and identify ways to save money on utility bills.  You can read the most recent report here (CY19).  To see how RCTC and other businesses in Rochester compare, check out the Efficient Buildings Collaborative Map.

Minnesota MS4 Application

Please click here to access RCTC’s MS4 application.