Program OverviewAwardCreditsProgram PlanCourse SequenceOnline OptionTransfer Pathway
Accessory Dwelling UnitCert19Plan
Accounting ClerkDipl31PlanCourse Sequence
Accounting Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Administrative Office ProfessionalDipl31PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Advanced Hospital Nursing AssistantCert16PlanCourse Sequence
Alcohol and Drug CounselingAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Alcohol and Drug CounselingCert26PlanCourse Sequence
Art Transfer PathwayAFA60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Automotive TechnicianDipl67PlanCourse Sequence
Aviation PilotAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Bioinformatics FoundationsAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Biology Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Business AdministrationCert21PlanCourse Sequence
Business Analysis (Only available through Business and Workforce Education)Cert9PlanCourse Sequence
Business ManagementCert13PlanCourse Sequence
Business ManagementAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Business Management - HospitalityAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Business Management - MarketingAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Business Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) TechnologyDipl32PlanCourse Sequence
Cancer Registry ManagementAAS60PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Cancer Registry ManagementCert26PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Cardiovascular Invasive SpecialistAAS63PlanCourse Sequence
CarpentryDipl32PlanCourse Sequence
Chemistry Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Child DevelopmentCert16PlanCourse Sequence
Clinical Neurophysiology TechnologyAAS81PlanCourse Sequence
CoachingDipl35PlanCourse Sequence
Coding SpecialistDipl40PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Communication StudiesCert16PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Communication Studies Transfer PathwayAA60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Community Health Worker (Only available through Business and Workforce Education)Cert16Plan
Computer Information SystemsAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Computer Science Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Criminal Justice Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
NEW: CybersecurityAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Dental AssistantDipl47PlanCourse Sequence
Dental AssistantAAS64PlanCourse Sequence
Dental Assistant Expanded FunctionsCert13PlanCourse Sequence
Dental HygieneAAS83PlanCourse Sequence
Digital Marketing SpecialistCert17PlanCourse Sequence
Early Childhood Education Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Emergency Medical TechnologyCert24PlanCourse Sequence
Emergency Medicine ParamedicAS75PlanCourse Sequence
Engineering Broad FieldAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Environmental ScienceAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Executive Office ProfessionalAAS60PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Facility and Service TechnologyAAS69PlanCourse Sequence
Facility and Service TechnologyDipl69PlanCourse Sequence
Graphic DesignAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Group Fitness InstructorCert27PlanCourse Sequence
Health Information TechnologyAAS64PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Health Sciences Broad FieldAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Healthcare InformaticsDipl32PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Healthcare Office ProfessionalAAS60PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Healthcare Office ProfessionalCert23PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Histology TechnicianAS60PlanCourse Sequence
History Transfer PathwayAA60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
NEW: Hospitality ManagementCert12PlanCourse Sequence
Individualized StudiesAS60Plan
Information TechnologyAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Laboratory ScienceAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Liberal Arts and SciencesAA60PlanCourse SequenceOnline
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)AAS63PlanCourse Sequence
Mass CommunicationCert24PlanCourse Sequence
Mass Communication Transfer PathwayAA60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Mathematics Transfer PathwayAA60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Music Creative TechnologiesAFA60PlanCourse Sequence
Music TechnologyCert20PlanCourse Sequence
NursingAS64PlanCourse Sequence
Peace Officer - SkillsCert12PlanCourse Sequence
Peace OfficerAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Peace OfficerCert28PlanCourse Sequence
Peace Officer/Public Safety Transfer PathwayAS68PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Personal TrainerDipl38PlanCourse Sequence
PhotographyCert18PlanCourse Sequence
Practical NursingDipl39PlanCourse Sequence
Pre-Social Work Transfer PathwayAS60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Psychology Transfer PathwayAA60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
RadiographyAAS81PlanCourse Sequence
Science FoundationsAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Science Foundations ACert19PlanCourse Sequence
Science Foundations BCert21PlanCourse Sequence
Sociology Transfer PathwayAA60PlanCourse SequenceTransfer Pathway
Sport ManagementAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Supervisory Leadership (Only available through Business and Workforce Education)Cert16Plan
Supervisory Leadership (Only available through Business and Workforce Education)AAS60Plan
Supervisory Leadership: Employee Development (Only available through Business and Workforce Education)Cert17Plan
Surgical TechnologyAAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Trade ReadinessCert16Plan
Veterinary TechnicianAAS75PlanCourse Sequence
Web DesignAS60PlanCourse Sequence
Welding TechnologyCert16PlanCourse Sequence
Workplace CommunicationCert9PlanCourse SequenceOnline

A certificate is awarded for successful completion of a specialized set of skills or program of study. Certificates range in length from 9-30 credits. Several certificates are intended to be portions of diplomas or degrees. Thus, a student completing certain certificates will have completed a skill set that is part of a series of skills that may be used to complete a diploma or associate degree.

A diploma is awarded for successful completion of a program intended to provide students with a series of employment skill sets beyond the certificate. A diploma ranges in length from 31-72 semester credits. One-third of the credits in a diploma must be earned at RCTC.

An Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) is intended to prepare students for employment. Increasingly, however, AAS degrees articulate to Bachelor of Applied Science degrees (BAS) with transfer institutions. An Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) is awarded for the successful completion of a program of 60-72 semester credits. At least 20 semester credits must be earned at RCTC.

An Associate of Science Degree (AS) is intended to prepare the student for employment in a designated field or area OR to prepare the student in a designated field or area which transfers to a baccalaureate major (BS) in a related scientific or technical field. Increasingly the AS degree is intended to meet the first two years of requirements for a specific baccalaureate program (BS). At least 20 semester credits must be earned at RCTC. Associate of Science degrees articulate with four-year programs.

An Associate of Arts degree (AA) is intended to complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degrees (BA and/or BS). An Associate of Arts degree is awarded after the successful completion of a program of 60-64 semester credits. At least 20 semester credits must be earned at RCTC. An Associate of Arts degree includes the entire Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

An Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degree is awarded for study in music or art at Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC). The AFA is awarded for successful completion of a program of 60-64 semester credits; at least 20 semester credits must be earned at RCTC. The degree contains part of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), and is articulated with at least one other baccalaureate-granting institution with a comparable music or art degree program.